Cloud CORPS – What Azure, AWS and GCP rely on as foundation of robust cloud architecture [Azure Community Conference]


[This talk was delivered on 29-Oct-21 for Azure Community Conference 2021] Cloud providers have been innovating at a great speed and continuously releasing new services and features. You have multiple services to do the same thing. A growing list of options is increasing the complexity in designing and architecting a cloud application. Fortunately, the three hyperscale cloud providers have realized this growing complexity. All three: Azure, AWS and GCP, have produced a cloud architecture framework (or well-architected framework) for their respective clouds. In this session, you will find details about the cloud architecture framework for the three largest providers, and about related tools and frameworks. You will learn about the complete landscape of frameworks and tools, and what features they provide. You can use this information to strategize how you want to leverage these frameworks and tools in your organization and how you can consume them across cloud providers for building a multi-cloud architecture framework.

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