• Introducing CORPS: The 5 Pillars for a Robust Cloud Architecture Framework [TheNewStack]
    Cost Optimization, Operations Excellence, Reliability, Performance Efficiency, Security are the five common pillars that that AWS, Azure and GCP rely on for their robust cloud architecture frameworks. I am introducing the term #CloudCORPS to represent these pillars together. Read more at TheNewStack …
  • Take back a few minutes from every hour [LinkedIn]
    Take back a few minutes from every hour! We use technology everywhere these days and almost all the time. Optimizing how we use it can save us a few minutes from each task, which cumulatively can get us some additional hours every week that we all need in our busy schedules. These are a few tips on different tools and technologies we use every day that can boost our productivity! These are tips that I have been employing for my own personal productivity, sharing them as you might find some of them useful for yourself. Read more on LinkedIn …
  • The myths (and realities) of cost savings with multicloud [ET CIO]
    MultiCloud is here to stay and is slowly becoming inevitable for many organizations. At the same time, it is important to go beyond the hype of the buzzword and understand where it can help, and where it cannot. One of the common benefits you will hear about multicloud is that it can be used as cost saving strategy. That is not exactly true. Let us dive deeper into this aspect and investigate some myths and realities of saving cost with multicloud. Read more on The Economic Times ET CIO
  • MultiCloud management solutions landscape – what is right for you?
    MultiCloud management solutions have evolved a lot in recent past and provide extensive features. CMPs provide a comprehensive package of multiple feature areas supporting most public clouds. At the same time, cloud providers have started providing solutions in some feature areas that enable you to manage those features in hybrid and multicloud environments. In addition, there are specialized solutions which provide industry leading capabilities in their area of specialization.
  • What are your architectural drivers for adopting multi-cloud?
    While industry is adopting multi-cloud in a big way, it is important to define the business objectives expected from the adoption. Otherwise, it can become failed investment in another technology buzzword. This post provides different objectives as architectural drivers, for which, organizations may adopt multi-cloud. Each of these architecture drivers can have one or more architecture patterns. Patterns describe different ways of implementing multi-cloud and resulting in required business objectives.
  • More Organizations adopt multi-cloud, COVID-19 accelerates it further
    Multi-cloud adoption today is at a critical transition point, where organizations are moving from ‘WHY’ multi-cloud to ‘HOW’ and ‘WHAT’ on multi-cloud. The percentage of organizations having multi-cloud strategy almost doubled in past 1 year. Unprecedented growth of cloud because COVID-19 and associated capacity risks make multi-cloud even more important for organizations. These aspects are discussed in more detail in this article