Software Builders: Are you ready to reframe your future? [Keynote @ Azure Community Conference]

[This was keynote delivered on 30-Oct-21 for Azure Community Conference 2021]

The technology has always been evolving at great speed, and pandemic has fueled its acceleration beyond anyone’s expectation. The digital transformations that organizations were planning to do by 2030 are happening right now. As a software builder (anyone who is building software – developers, architects, product managers, DevOps & SRE engineers …), you are at the forefront of driving this acceleration. At the same time, there is increasing pressure on you to transform yourself and equip yourself with newer skills. Two thirds of technologists are now being asked to perform tasks and activities they have never done before. Let’s talk about the trends that are powering the software development of the future and answer this question: Are you reframing the future or is the future reframing you?

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